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Creating personal icons is my absolute joy. I have a belief that everyone is an ICON and that all our stories deserve celebrating!

My icons celebrate the minitutae of human life and everything that makes you special. They tend to feature a mix of painting, sculptural elements, personal symbology and photos of you through the ages. 

These icons make a lovely gift to yourself, or a perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or wedding. 


With the bespoke icon option you can send me up to 150 family photos/photos of yourself and symbols to represent. They are generally very busy which means you always find something new to look at.

There are many points at which within the frame where I can tell your story, from details on the inside, back and front of the frame, to personal symbology with miniature 3d sculptures, and of course the flow of the imagery in the collage. 


Once purchased I will get in contact to schedule an interview, which tend to last about an hour. I will send you questions prior to this to get you thinking. You'll need to send me personal photos and we will work through your life story and what you would like to represent. If you are commissioning this of a loved one and not yourself, I would recommend showing the questions to other friends and family members to build a really strong picture of the person your commissioning it for. 


I understand that these are deeply personal things to share so will delete all images after I've sent out the artwork. I do love to share my work on social media but if you are not comfortable with this please just let me know. 


The digital file will also be emailed to you, and the bespoke icon (34cm x 34cm) in it's frame will also be sent out to you. 

Bespoke Icon

  • The frames I tend to use for the bespoke icons measure 34cm wide x 34cm high x 3.5cm deep - if you would like to discuss creating a smaller or larger one, please get in touch

  • Bespoke icons generally take 3-4 weeks to make after we have had our initial interview.

    Once purchased I will be in touch to schedule an online call.

    If you're on a time limit, say for a birthday or wedding/event, please get in touch to discuss shorter lead times. 

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